Thursday, November 1, 2012

loves when teachers help teachers!

I live in Wisconsin, where we get tons of snow in the winter, but never have to worry about hurricanes. I am deeply saddened by the devastation that Hurricane Sandy has caused in the Northeast. Among the many people that have lost their homes or experienced massive damage, there are schools and teachers that were also affected. Many schools were hit pretty hard, leaving students and teachers without resources and materials.

My friend, Laurah, over at The ESOL Odyssey, came up with a great idea to help these teachers. If you have a TpT or TN store and would like to donate any of your products to schools/teachers who are in need, please click on the picture link below. This will take you to Laurah’s blog, where you can sign up to help.
Teachers Helping Teachers
I am donating my product, The Six Major Land Biomes: A Science Unit and Research Project (Meets CCSS) and my Common Core Standards Writing Prompt Resource (With Pictures). Anything you are willing to donate will be a huge help for teachers needing materials right now. Thanks for helping!
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