Tuesday, August 21, 2012

discovered an amazing tip for bloggers!

Are you are new to the blogging community?


Would you love to get more traffic to your blog?
(or any traffic at all, for that matter)

I, for one, can answer yes to both questions above. It might even be the fact that I can answer "yes" to the 1st question, that has caused me to make a HUGE blogging mistake related to the 2nd.

Today, when I tried to pin my Makeup Board Tutorial to my pinterest page I came to the shocking realization that Tanya Rae... has never even been available for anyone in the world to view!

Allow me to explain. I started this blog about two months ago. I know that's not an extremely long time ago, and  I'm not saying this is the most fascinating blog ever. However, after two months of being pretty proactive in the blogging community, reading other blogs, entering giveaways, my success with my TPT store, and feedback left on other's posts, I thought I would have at least one comment by now.

Back to today. After pinning the tutorial, and deciding to try the link I pinned, I wasn't taken to my post at all! Instead, the word "SORRY" was boldly centered across the screen, along with a message about how the link I had pinned was broken. What?! This has to be a mistake! I've done everything right! So I emailed the amazing people at pinterest. After all, it couldn't be a problem with my blog. I see people pinning from blogs all the time. While waiting for a response, I decided to go into my settings on my blogger account and sure enough...

My blog has essentially been set to PRIVATE this entire time!
Of course, with a few simple clicks I was officially viewable...the problem was solved.

I have to admit, it's a little humiliating. The only thing that could be worse at this point, would be if changing the setting doesn't make a difference. Ha! :) However, I have faith. I believe there is someone out there just like me that is waiting for a visitor to their blog, completely unaware that there is absolutely no possible way for anyone to actually see or read it, just because of a little circle in their blogger settings page being filled in. If so, I would like that person to learn from my first big blogging mistake with this visual tutorial on the very first step to take in order to even have a chance at getting traffic to your blog.

Step One:
Log in to your account. Find your blog and...

Step Two:
Step Three:


Step Four:

Step Five:
Click "Save changes" and keep on blogging. This time, knowing that someone might really be sitting out there reading what you put out there. Or, in the very least, they now have the chance.


  1. What a good lesson to share! And now you get to start getting comments and followers!! Welcome to the fun!

  2. What a great lesson you just shared for others...and guess what??? I am a new follower! =)

    Another good way to get new followers is to be sure and add a direct link to your blog when you leave a comment(if you don't already have that set up). Ladybug's Teaching Files will show you how to do it. =)

    If you get the chance, I would love for you to hop over and visit me. =)

    Heather's Heart