Wednesday, August 8, 2012

has entered her first giveaway!

As one of the newest members of TPT, or Teachers Pay Teachers (as if you didn't know the acronym - hey, I didn't two weeks ago)...I've been scouring page after blog after website in search of great, affordable clip art to use in my work.

So far, I have created all the materials I have on my TPT store using only the stock tools on either Word or PowerPoint. Don't get me wrong, the options on the newest version of Microsoft Office are abundant. With a little bit of playing around and some practice, one can produce some really spectacular work. Check out some example pages in my Monthly Calendar that I have for sale (can be purchased alone or included in my Teacher Planner). This was completely done using the tools and clip art in Microsoft Word.

Monthly Calendar

However, I've been extremely interested in getting my hands on some of the fabulous clip art I've seen out there. I know most of it is fairly reasonable in price; a dollar here, three dollars there. But what you don't know about me, unless you've read about me (see above), is that I am currently not working. Do the math with me...

So you can only imagine how excited I was when I stumbled upon this clip art giveaway on Learning in Spain's Blog. NO WAY! Eleven amazing clip artists joining together to give away more than $40 worth of clip art sets! Of course I entered immediately. So as I keep my fingers crossed that I win (and yes, typing is very difficult to do with crossed fingers - go ahead, you know you want to try it) I encourage you to check it out and enter. Good luck to us all - especially me! ;)

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