Friday, June 29, 2012

made a magnetic makeup board.

I've decided that if I'm going to continue to be completely addicted to pinterest, which I am, I have to start making an effort to at least make/create/test out the pins that I've added to my boards.
I can't tell you how happy I was with the results of my recent pinterest project! It's a magnetic makeup board, which I pinned several months ago here. Unfamiliar with these? Well, if you're like me, you've kept your makeup in some kind of basket/drawer/bag/container in your bathroom. The problem I've always had with this kind of storage is I find myself having to rummage through the makeup each morning, searching for whatever it is I need. Things end up on the bottom of the basket and I forget about things that I don't use on a daily basis because they end up buried under my everyday items. Let's not talk about how disgusting the bottom of the basket gets after awhile. I don't know how, but it always seems to get so full of gunky powder. I know I put the lids on tightly, but it happens, nonetheless.

Enter the Magnetic Makeup Board! By attaching magnets to the backs of my makeup containers, purchasing a frame, attaching some sheet metal backing, and making it cute (of course) I was able to get all my makeup out of the basket and on the bathroom wall; spread out, organized and easy to see and grab.
The project was relatively simple. I have to start by giving a huge thanks to my father for providing me with the sheet metal, which he also cut for me. I know that saved me time and money I would've spent getting it from a home supply store.  I LOVE MY FATHER!!! :)

I will admit, besides the money I saved on the sheet metal, I know I spent too much for the other materials. But, you have to realize I live in a very small town and other than True Value, the nearest store is a Walmart, 20 miles away. So, I bought most of the materials on impulse because I wanted to try this out right away! If I would've shopped around a little more, I know I could have made this project much cheaper.

I bought my frame, pencil holders, and magnets from Walmart. The frame was $5, and pencil holders (with magnets on backs) were almost $4 a piece - YIKES! The magnets were about $2 for 10 (these came with stick-on backings). The Rust-oleum spray paint was bought at my local True Value store for about $7. Of course, I will use the paint for other projects.

Like I said, I had my father cut the sheet metal to fit the frame. He just took out the glass and traced/measured it to fit. I then used the Rust-oleum spray paint on the frame, sheet metal, and pencil holders. I let them dry overnight. The next day, I put the sheet metal in the frame, like you would the glass. Finally, I attached the magnets to the backs of my makeup (and bobby pin container). I found the perfect place to hang the makeup board on my bathroom wall, and was SO excited when I got to finally stick on all of my items. It worked like a charm!

I use the board every day and no longer have to dig through my basket! I admit, I was a little worried about having my makeup on display - maybe my husband wouldn't appreciate the whole idea as much as I did, but it was all good. It looks neat and organized, and saves me a few minutes getting ready each morning, and you can't beat that!

I'm so happy with how it turned out, I plan on making more for my friends. Only next time, I will be on the look out for some garage/thrift sale finds.

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