Monday, June 25, 2012

has joined the blogging world!

I often wish I had kept track of every single thing that has ever inspired me to do something, think a certain way, create something, or react a certain way. Since my discovery of pinterest, I guess I’ve been able to do just that. Well, okay, not everything that inspires me comes from something I find online, but lately, quite a bit. Anyway, after pinning and repining for the past year and two months [1,606 pins and counting, to be exact] I have realized that I’m just not satisfied with collecting pictures and links to things that have inspired me. No need to panic! I will never bail on pinterest and plan on continuing to add to my boards on a weekly daily basis. I LOVE PINTEREST!!!

However, I have come to the realization that I need my own place. I need a place to write/talk about what inspires me, a place to share a little bit of the story behind my creations and designs, a place for me to empty my head out every now and then in order to make room for the constant ideas and thoughts I have pouring in, and a place for me to share the sources of my inspiration.
Welcome to that place! I am so excited to join the blogging world! What a WORLD it is! My knowledge of how to start up a blog and make it look like some of the other fabulously adorable blogs out there... is not quite there yet. All great things have to start somewhere, right? Well, here I go!!!

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