Friday, September 7, 2012

loves Lucy Calkins.

Okay, so I love her ideas! Anyone teaching a writing workshop following Lucy Calkins Units of Study, knows that one of Lucy's units teaches students to write about small moments vs. the entire experience. For example, I may have vacationed in Hawaii, but I should pick one moment from the trip (like seeing the ocean for the first time) as my story. She refers to these small moments as "seed stories" and the entire experience a watermelon. Clever, right!?! I love it!

When I have taught this lesson this lesson in the past, I've had my students practice, over and over, coming up with seed ideas because they always want to tell EVERYTHING instead of zooming in to the smaller moments. Well, I created a resource to really help with that and it has been a top seller on my TPT store!

It includes:
- A cover page to place in a writing binder.
- A writing graphic organizer to help "spit" out the "seeds" instead of choosing the "watermelon".
- 7 pages of "seed idea" lists for students to come up with. This is a great resource for students to keep in their writer's notebook, or writing binder to refer back to when they need an idea to write about (including a generic "Seed Ideas" brainstorming chart, and a blank chart).

Head over to my store to see for yourself.
Writing Workshop Seed Ideas Resource

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