Friday, December 28, 2012

has a new clip art page!

That's right, I've become so addicted to creating digital designs (a.k.a. clip art) that I have decided to devote an entire page to my collection!

Up until now, I've been posting new items as I create. In an effort to "clean up" my blog and organize a little, I thought this was the perfect solution. If you click on the tab on the top of my blog, titled "Digital Designs" you can see ALL of the clip art I have for free or purchase on my TpT store. I've also linked each image to the original TpT page, where you can read a more detailed description and download the item.

Okay, Jack is napping, so I'm off to continue creating! :)

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  1. Can you give some advice/insight on how to start doing clip art and things for TpT. I have looked at their suggestions, but still at a loss. I want to create, but everything I do ends up a total MESS!


    1. Melanie, I know a lot of artists use photoshop or other graphics software. I mostly work in Power Point! I know that might sound strange, but most of the clip art I've created comes from me just playing around with the tools and colors and manipulating and grouping shapes together. I have read a lot of suggestions as well, but learned the most from trial and error.

  2. Thanks so much, Karen! I am working on some fun Valentine backgrounds and hope to post them soon.