Monday, January 28, 2013

What to do with those empty bill envelopes...

With the convenience of technology at our every finger tip, the process of paying our bills has become oh so easy. Notice I didn't say "paying our bills has become easy". I don't think forking out the money to pay for all of our luxuries and necessities will ever get easier. But, the fact that I don't have to write out a check, lick an envelope, or search for a stamp every time I need to pay a bill, is pretty darn awesome to me! I've been paying my bills online for quite some time. For most of them, I have set up paperless billing; which means I can see my statements online. However, there are a few that still make it to my mailbox every month, and they always include return envelopes.

I will admit, in the beginning of my online bill paying days, I just threw those envelopes in the garbage recycling bin. But, being the teacher I am, I quickly thought of a way to use them in my classroom instead. My writing center!!! I simply place them in a cute little basket in my writing center for students to use as they please. They can write letters to friends, family members, pen pals, etc.

It's also a great opportunity to teach the students how to correctly write their address (or the school's address) and most already have the return address lines on them already. When they are finished, they can take them home and attach a stamp to mail. If they're just writing for fun, or to a student in the school, I have a sheet of stickers they can use as stamps.

In fact, I just created some Vintage Valentine Stamps that could be printed onto sticker/label paper and would be absolutely perfect around Valentine's Day.

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